Metrologist Program

The Rosalie C. Mead Women in Manufacturing Scholarship

Inspiring the future of manufacturing leadership

Sponsored by Master Gage & Tool Co. to encourage women in advanced manufacturing, the annual scholarship is offered for women enrolling in the Integrated Machining Technology program at the Gene Haas Center for Integrated Machining at Danville Community College or the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research Capstone Project.

A legacy of excellence & integrity

The scholarship program—named for MG&T’s Rosalie Mead—is designed to provide DCC graduates with a third year of advanced training in an authentic manufacturing workflow cell that prepares them to enter the workforce with high-level machining and metrology skills; and focuses on managerial skills to prepare graduates for future leadership positions.

The scholarship program does more than provide opportunity—it changes lives.

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Metrologist Program

Integrated Metrology Services (IMS)