Contract measurement services

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Contract measurement services

Meet manufacturing challenges head-on with expert contract measurement solutions

Whether you need to increase output or incorporate an all-new production line, MG&T helps you perform. Our contract measurement solutions support you in keeping your operations nimble, responding to increased demands or changes, while maintaining precision accuracy—with complete confidence.

High-quality measurement results specific to your individual applications.

Our highly-experienced technician teams incorporate state-of-the-art technology and premium equipment into customized work plans, delivering precision inspection services for production runs or first article inspections, including tools, fixtures and assemblies.

Why MG&T?

  • Leading-edge instrumentation
  • Reliable measurements to the tightest tolerances
  • Highly-skilled engineers
  • More than 30 years of field experience
  • Collaborative approach to service solutions
  • Single-source project management
MG&T is always looking for metrologists, production engineers and CMM operators to work with us and our customers. These positions also may include opportunities for travel and experience in various manufacturing facilities. Apply today! link

Inspection and Programming

MG&T’s expertise includes custom and first article part inspection as well as customer part programming for Mitutoyo CMM and Mitotoyo Vision Measurement Systems. Our premium equipment includes:

  • Mitutoyo QV Hyper 202 Pro Vision Measurement System
  • Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 9108 with MCOSMOS Software
  • Mitutoyo Surface Finish, Roundness and Contour Measurement
MG&T is the exclusive regional distributor for Mitutoyo, offering the complete line of premium CMM, Vision and Form measurement systems. View our

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