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Frequently asked questions

Why should I purchase through Master Gage & Tool Co. instead of an internet warehouse (MSC, Amazon, Grainger, McMaster Carr, etc.)?

Many reasons! MG&T’s salespeople have over 120 years combined metrology and cutting tool experience, so we’re able to recommend solutions to meet your specific goal – whether it is improving accuracy, saving cost or faster delivery. In addition, MG&T is also ISO 17025 accredited to A2LA standards, so your new gage purchase can be delivered including a certificate without having to wait for a third party. Most importantly, we support our customers before and after the sale with value-added services that the internet cannot provide. Some of these services include product demonstrations, educational seminars, installation, training, calibration, repair and accountability in the event you need support from the manufacturer.

Why should I use your calibration service?

A certificate of calibration is only as good as the lab that performed the service. MG&T has an extremely accurate uncertainty budget with two ISO 17025 accredited to A2LA standards gage calibration labs located in Danville, Virginia, and Greenville, South Carolina. All customers are provided with a password protected portal via our website to view/download their calibration certificates any time as a free service. Additionally, we’ll remind you when your gage is coming due for recalibration, so you’re never compromised in an audit.

Do you represent specific companies/brands?

Yes! Whether you need it fast, have accuracy specifications, have budget restraints, or all of the above, we have an extensive vendor line card to provide exactly what you need for your situation.

I don’t have spare gages, so I can’t send them out for calibration. Can you do them on-site?

Yes, our technicians can travel to your facility for on-site calibration.

I have equipment that’s not listed on your scope of accreditation. Can you calibrate those?

Yes, our network of subcontractors calibrates a multitude of items not listed on our scope. We’ll handle all aspects to keep the process seamless.

Do you have one big catalog of all your products?

No, for several reasons. Companies that do are passing the high printing cost down to their customers. We provide application specific brochures or general catalogs printed by the manufacturer to keep the cost down. Products and prices change so quickly that by the time a comprehensive catalog could be printed, it would already have errors and be outdated.

I have all these old gages that work fine, but we don’t use anymore. I don’t want to throw them away, so what should I do with them?

Let us sell them for you on our eBay store! We’ll handle the listing and negotiations for you, then apply the proceeds directly to your account.

What are all the items that you can calibrate?

Click here for our ISO Scope of Accreditation that lists all of the items that we can calibrate.

Does MG&T offer an expedited calibration service?

Yes. Our standard turn-around time is 5-8 days but we do offer a 3-4 day rush calibration service.

What hand tool brands do you offer besides Mitutoyo and Mahr?

We offer the following hand tool brands: Brown & Sharpe/Hexagon, Chicago Dial Indicator, Dyer Company, Fowler High Precision, Insize, Mahr/Federal, Marposs, Mitutoyo and L.S. Starrett Co. Click here for our complete product line card.

What thread gage brands to you represent over than GSG and Vermont?

MG&T offers the following thread gage brands: Alameda Thread Gage, Glastonbury Southern Gage, Hemco, Leitech and Zero Gage. Click here for our complete product line card.